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Check out these Resources and Links  

Mag-Anak is one of the oldest and most reliable groups. It has more than 3,000 members, many of whom are very knowledgeable.  U.S. Immigration issues are foremost on Mag-Anak. While it can address just about any Philippine-related question, its specialty is helping members seeking to bring a Filipina girlfriend, fiancé, or wife to the United States.

Living in the Philippines is a huge Yahoo on-line group with over 18,000 members. The group discusses just about anything having any connection to the Philippines.  Early on, the moderation of this group tended to screen out posts which focused on problems with life in the Philippines.  While still prim and proper, the moderation seems less restrictive now.  It’s a useful group to anyone living in or considering life in the Philippines.

PhilFAQS Go to the home page and you will be able to view the list of available articles.

Live in the Philippines (“The Web Magazine for Expats in the Philippines and Those Who Want to Be”),  You do not have to log in to view the site but you will have to register for the very valuable forums.

Your Life in the Philippines lots of worthwhile content in this in-depth site.

Dumaguete on Negros Island, is a lovely small city and very popular with expatriates.

Cebu City is one of the most popular vacation and retirement locations in the Philippines. Cebu City has many of the advantages of a big city, but is not quite as intimidating as Manila. Its forum is very active and of interest to anyone considering the Philippines.

“The Society of Honor” by “Joe America” is a blog which consistently contains some of the most principled and insightful commentary on Philippine society and politics you’ll ever find.